Monday, December 3, 2018

I Know Lots Of Prostitutes

I know lots of prostitutes. Lots of my friends are prostitutes. They make money by choosing to rent their time and their sexual services to men. Nobody makes them sell their services to men, they do it on their own. I know hundreds of women who are high class professional escort girls. I can say with total certainty only a small number of those women were coerced into being a prostitute. The majority of women that I know who were coerced into the sex industry were not made into slaves. The majority of them were tricked into becoming prostitutes by the men that they believed were the love of their life.

It is difficult to imagine that a young woman who is starting work for the first time immediately thinks about becoming a prostitute. Most young women will have their dreams and goals for a career and for their life. But if a young woman is in a difficult situation she might choose to become the absolute finest escort Marbella and Puerto Banus has ever seen in a bid to make money as fast as possible. Or if a woman thinks about her situation carefully she might realise that with her skills and experience the best way to make lots of money is prostitution. The reality is that there are very few professions where a woman can become rich while she is still very young.

If a young woman wants to become rich while she is still young then she has limited choices. Being a high class Marbella escort girl is a certain way to make money if the girl is open minded sexually and willing to work hard.. A young woman can become a celebrity but everyone is trying to do that. Or a young woman might choose to become extremely qualified academically and enter one of the traditional professions. A talented athlete might become rich from her sport. But for most young women the only way to become wealthy is through selling her most precious asset. And the most precious assets a young woman has are her time and sex. Through the whole of human history, selling sex has always been a way for women to make money and gain independence.

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