Wednesday, November 28, 2018

People Who Work In The Sex Industry

People who work in the sex industry are not that different to everybody else. People who work in the sex industry have families, they have bills to pay and they live their lives just like everybody else. People who work in the sex industry also have their own sex lives. Just because they sell sex to earn money does not mean that they do not enjoy having sex when with people for free. Sex is a human need and people who sell sex still want to have sex when they return home. Men and women like sex and wherever you go in the world people will have sex.

There has been a change in the way that people in Europe and America think about the sex industry. It now seems that the media think that everyone in the sex industry is a slave and has been the victim of human traffickers. That is absolutely not true. I know lots of people in the sex industry and almost all of them started in the industry for very simple and sensible reasons. The best Tenerife escorts are one hundred percent volunteers! The people that I know in the sex industry started because they wanted more. They either wanted more money or more sex. And a small group of people wanted more of both, which means that they made a good choice of job.

As a professional in the sex business, I am continually confused by America and the way it views sex. This is a country that produces the majority of pornography in the world and where the majority of television shows and movies include sex of some kind. In nearly half of America it is legal for a female child to be married to an adult man as long as her parents or a court says that it is acceptable. Which is disgusting and repulsive. Any yet the sex business is both illegal and a major focus of police activity. Which means that America seems to think that it is acceptable for a young girl to be effectively raped by an old man but that consenting adults should not be allowed to have sex in exchange for money.

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